Moldcraft senior superchugger, lumo

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Moldcraft senior superchugger, lumo

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The Moldcraft Billfishjuice Series represent a unique mix of tried and proven lure design together with cutting edge attractant technology. What is better than the original softhead ? The original softhead with billfishjuice attractant ! Moldcraft softhead lures are responsible for more world records, more grander’s, and more tournament wins than any other lures in the world. Named number 1 and 2 trolling lure of all time by Marlin Magazine. Including the new billfishjuice technology will greatly improve an already superior product line as well as your success!

The senior superchugger is 30 cm long, takes 4 to 6 tablets and produces a fantastic action and smoking bubble trail laced with attractant compounds that ring the dinner bell for pelagic fish. The lumo colour is highly visible and mimics small mahi mahi and Seriolas, great for attracting the attention of passing predators

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