We love to hear from our customers and their experiences with our products.  Send your feedback, fishing stories and photos  to us at info@billfishjuice.com and we will post them here.


We used the product in a tournament in Puerto Rico. We came in 4th place and won the second day and the interclub first place.   We had not been to a tournament in years. We were very  surprised with the results . We grew up fishing in the same area and had never seen the aggressiveness with which the Blue Marlin were attacking the lures.  I believe in it.

Humberto Porrata


"We have experimented with this concept for over 30 years and this new product is the best that I have used. Even over such things as ground chum, fish oils, and squid extracts. It is truly the first attractant product that I have had marked results with in the trolling application. I personally did some trials with identical teasers changing sides on the hour with 70% of the bites coming on the teasers with the tablets."

Frank Johnson, Moldcraft Lures - Speaking about BillfishJuice


"In a static demonstration at the I.G.F.A. Hall in Dania Beach, FL., I witnessed Dr Ben Diggles sprinkle a few crumbs into a fish tank with Snook and Redfish. The fish instantly went "On Point"! Looking for the source. "

Frank Johnson, Moldcraft Lures - speaking about BillfishJuice


"We have hardly lost any fish.  While they were pretty good to start with, I would certainly like to credit your product for this result" 

Peter van Leirop,  Alexandra Fish Farm, Victoria,  Australia- speaking about Supawean


"It used to take 2 weeks for us to wean our Australian bass, now with supawean it only takes 2 or 3 days ! "

Matt Johnson, Manager SEQ Fish Sales, QLD Australia - speaking about Supawean


 "We weaned our last lot of barramundi in less than 2 days, versus the usual 2 weeks, by using supawean in the live food and on the inert crumble ! "  

Kurt Hutchby, Gladstone Water Board Fish Hatchery, QLD Australia - speaking about Supawean




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