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BillfishJuice tablets are currently available in 30 minute tablets and 1 hour tablets  (dissolution rates measured at 6 knots and 24°C ( 75°F) water temperature).  We recommend the 1 hour tablets for most situations as they represent a good compromise between attractant release rate and convenience.  Trials have shown that water temperature and lure hydrodynamics affect tablet dissolution rates. BillfishJuice tablets dissolve slightly faster at high water temperatures and in lures with high water flow rates.  Boat speed also affects lure dissolution rate in the following manner.

Dissolution rates of BillfishJuice tablets vs boat speed 

The faster the tablets dissolve, the more concentrated the odour corridor behind the lure, so the 30 minute tablets can make a big difference if you’re willing to refill the lures more often. Or even better, mix the 30 minute tablets with the 1 hour tablets to customise your own release profile !  Also remember, the slower the trolling speed, the more concentrated your odour corridor becomes, but balance this against lure action and territory covered for best results.

CAUTION ! The attractant compounds are highly water soluble, so it is important to keep the tablets dry and sealed in their container when not in use.

Recommended loading rates for the Moldcraft Lure range
Lure Type



4 eyed monster

2 tablets 

5 or 6 tablets

Super chugger

2 tablets

5 or 6 tablets

Wide range

2 tablets

5 or 6 tablets

 WARNING ! Do not overfill lures – this can block off water flow through the head and if you go too far, can actually REDUCE the amount of attractant released.

Effect of overloading the lure on attractant dissolution rate at 6 knots3

 3. Lure used was a Moldcraft standard superchugger, recommended for use with no more than 2 tablets. When tablets are placed inside lure heads, their effectiveness reduces markedly if too many tablets are used due to blockage of water flow through the lure head.


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