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The BillfishJuice system was developed by a team of fishing-mad boffins who cared to ask the question - Why can’t trolling lures benefit from the scientifically proven attractants which are increasingly finding applications in inshore lure fishing ? The answer is,  they can !

After thousands of hours research in aquaculture labs, and in the field, the BillfishJuice tablet was developed.  Its scientifically proven formula can improve your strike rate by over 100% !  Research from around the world has shown that pelagic fish in the family Scombridae (mackerels, tunas, bonitos) are similar to other inshore fishes in having extremely well developed senses of smell and taste. In fact, pelagic fish may have heightened senses of taste and smell compared to regular fish, possibly due to the huge volumes of water they need to process as they roam the worlds oceans in search of food. Our field research has gone further to confirm that fishes in the family Istiophoridae (marlins and sailfishes) and Xiphiidae (Swordfish) respond to a range of compounds which are known to trigger the taste and odour receptors in other scombrids.  From this research, and many years of aquaculture development, the compounds which attract pelagic gamefish were determined and BillfishJuice was born.

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